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Волосы Славянские в срезе № 1В/24 Волосы Славянские в срезе № 1В/24
7 000 rub
Горячая бритва Горячая бритва
1 900 rub
Волосы Славянские в срезе №14 Волосы Славянские в срезе №14
7 000 rub
Кератин тугоплавкий Итальянский ленточный Кератин тугоплавкий Итальянский ленточный
3 000 rub
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Волосы Славянские в срезе №24 Волосы Славянские в срезе №24
7 000 rub
Волосы Славянские в срезе №24 Волосы Славянские в срезе №24
7 000 rub
Волосы Славянские в срезе №24 Волосы Славянские в срезе №24
7 000 rub
Волосы Славянские в срезе №24 Волосы Славянские в срезе №24
7 000 rub

Online store hair extensions Hairmos

In our online store you can buy South Russian, Slavic and European hair extensions.

The range shown in the slice on the capsules and tape.

You can buy both wholesale and retail. Delivery in Moscow and Russia.

Shiny, lush and thick hair is a must for an excellent appearance. Hair, on its natural structure, thin and very vulnerable. Care and hair care takes a lot of time.

Shampoos, masks, balms, oils, all this is necessary for healthy and strong hair, but even with constant care and use of quality products, there is no guarantee that the hair will look great.

Care of the grown hair.

Everyone who wants to grow hair, it is initially important to learn the rules of care for them.

Where does the hair extension?

In order to build up the hair requires special materials

Hair of different people differ, some have, they grow quickly, others slowly. Someone complains that the hair is rare and thin, and others, on the contrary, can not cope with the density and splendor. Recently, in beauty salons is gaining popularity procedure called - "hair extensions". Thanks to this procedure, in a short time, you can significantly increase the length of your hair and make them several times more voluminous and lush.

If you want to buy hair extensions, our online store will help you with this. The main thing is to turn to professionals who will help you choose the right method and conduct the procedure at the highest level.

There are several methods of this procedure: hot, cold and tape extension. Hot extension This technology is perfect for all types of hair. Special capsules are used for the procedure. Also, hot building is divided into two types - English and Italian building.

Italian hair extension technology includes a process where an artificial strand is attached to the natural hair of the client at a distance of one centimeter. The hair is held together by a keratin capsule.

During the English procedure, artificial hair is fixed by using an adhesive gun that creates a capsule of resin. It is because of the high temperature of the materials, this extension is called "hot".

Cold building This method is most suitable for owners of thin, brittle and brittle hair. Instead capsules are used plate. This does not apply the materials to high temperatures.

Tape extension of This technique is actively used for a short time. For example, to create an unusual and voluminous hairstyle for a wedding, graduation, corporate, birthday or any other celebration. Donor hair is glued with a special composition and you can remove the strands yourself, without much effort.

Online forums are filled with positive and enthusiastic reviews of those girls who have tried to imagine all the delights of hair extensions. Agree, a tempting offer, in just one session, at times to increase the length of hair and their volume. Regarding the cost of the service, the price will depend on where you will do this procedure, which method of building will choose which materials will be used. Also, do not forget that each master can have their own rates.

Be open to the new and look your best!